Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Assad is popular

"When I arrived in Damascus, it was not just peaceful, it was buzzing.

"The roads were jammed with traffic, the coffee houses and restaurants were packed, the souks were bustling, and families could be seen picnicking all over the city in their peculiarly Syrian fashion, right on the roadside with their barbecue sets as though they are just too lazy to bother driving the short distance to a nice park...

"The countryside and small towns popular with tourists such as Maaloula, Syednaya, Shahba and even the country’s biggest city, Aleppo, were peaceful and normal.

"But no such pictures appear on western television channels."

Thus writes Amrit Dhillon.

Assad supporters.

Distinguished Indian journalist Amrit Dhillon, who visited Syria in April 2012, has written "What the West isn't telling about Syria"

‎ Among the points made:

1. Independent observers and journalists say that the opponents of Assad are working for the USA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

2. Some of these rebels are antidemocratic, anti-Christian Islamists who want to remove the freedom that Syrian women enjoy to dress and work as they please.

3. Syria is more liberal and democratic than the USA's friends - Saudi Arabia and Qatar

4. Plenty of Arabs in the region describe the rebels as a ragtag of armed criminals and foreign terrorists.

5. The Western media has not been telling the truth.


Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine