Sunday, March 18, 2012



The feudal rulers of the UAE and Morocco have been staunch 'mafia-fascist' allies of the USA, NATO and Israel.

But the USA, NATO and Israel often dump their staunchest allies.


On 17 March 2012, The Economist reports on Whispers of dissent in the UAE and Power in Morocco e

The rulers of the UAE are worried about the growing power of the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood and the CIA-backed 'liberals'.

Nasser Bin Ghaith, an economist, has been in trouble for criticising the lack of reform in the UAE.

Bin Ghaith "is particularly scathing about the economic model that Dubai and Abu Dhabi have followed, which he says is based on property speculation and corruption."


Meanwhile in Morocco, the King is in trouble.

A new book, Le Roi Prédateur -The Predator King, published in France, describes how the King of Morocco, Mohammad VI, has quintupled his wealth in his 11 years on the throne.

The king and his cronies own a very large part of the economy.

The king's forces continue to knock down the hovels of the poor.

The security forces have begun demolishing some of an estimated 44,000 shanty town homes built illegally over the past year by poor Moroccans. (Power in Morocco) e

Welcome to Morocco

In the rural areas, deep poverty and deep discontent have led to clashes with the government forces. (Power in Morocco) e

"Curfews, water-cannon and arrests have failed to prevent clashes from engulfing two northern towns.

"Protests over utility prices are acquiring a secessionist edge."

The King of Morocco and Clinton

"A looming drought will only make matters worse."

The economy is deteriorating.

The return of thousands of jobless workers from Europe and Libya has made things worse.

Crime is rising. (Power in Morocco e)


Morocco's new Islamist prime minister, Abdelilah Benkirane, was recently stopped by a mob of angry graduates demanding jobs.

“We voted for you, and you send the police to beat and arrest us,” they shouted.

“The switch in power is of people not policies,” complains a trade unionist. “Nothing will change.”

Benkirane’s coalition is full of ministers from the previous government he has previously criticised for nepotism and waste. (Power in Morocco )e