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The clandestine Saudi-Israeli ties?

"The Saudi press abounds with reports of products tagged Made in Israel that make their way into local markets; Israelis testify to Saudi oil products entering Israel under cover of foreign companies and rumor has it that a wealthy Saudi businessman, Walid Bin Talal, is planning to build a hotel in Tel Aviv.

"The Media Line has also learned from an informed source that the Saudi oil giant Aramco is planning a pipeline that will run through Israel and provide easy export of oil to Europe." - The clandestine Saudi-Israeli ties

"The most evident sign of rapprochement came in the form of the attendance of Saudi Arabia's outgoing ambassador to the US to a ceremony in Washington held by American Jewish organizations in honor of a State Department official appointed to fight anti-Semitism.

William Daroff of the United Jewish Communities told USA Today that Prince Turki al-Faisal's presence at the reception was 'unprecedented.'"
Report: Saudi Arabia reaching out to Israel - Israel News, Ynetnews

"U.S. ally Saudi Arabia, on 2 March 2008, compared the Israel Defense Forces' operation against Gaza rocket squads to Nazi war crimes, and called on the international community to stop what it called the 'mass killings' of Palestinians." - Saudi Arabia compares IDF Gaza operation to Nazi war crimes ...

Map from London Sunday Times, February 1975

Who can Saudi Arabia trust?

1. The USA?

Saudi Arabia must have a fear that the USA and its allies are planning to take over Saudi's oil.

"In February of 1975 the London Sunday Times
revealed information from a leaked and classified US Department of Defense plan.

"The plan, drawn up by the Pentagon, was code named 'Dhahran Option Four' and provided for an invasion of the world's largest oil reserves, namely Saudi Arabia." - Who Really Wants to Invade Saudi Arabia, and Why?

2. Israel or Iran?

Saudi Arabia must fear both Iran and Israel.

And it must try to keep in with both Iran and Israel.

"Seeking regional allies to make a stand against Iran and the growing Shi'ite Muslim radicalization, Saudi Arabia sees Israel as a likely ally, experts here said...

"Israeli press reports suggested that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met recently with a senior official in the Saudi government, maybe even with the Saudi king. -
Fear of Iran Pushing Saudi Arabia Toward Israel, Experts Say -- 09 ...

Goldman Sachs has received a license to offer brokerage services in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East's largest equity market. -
Goldman Sachs gets brokerage license in Saudi Arabia

"Prince Turki al-Faisal, a former ambassador to the United States and Britain and adviser to King Abdullah, said Israel and the Arabs could cooperate in many areas including water, agriculture, science and education." -
Senior Saudi prince offers Israel peace vision

3. Keeping in with Iran

In 2006, Israel suffered a defeat in Lebanon.

Saudi Arabia will no doubt have taken note of the Israeli weakness.

There seems to be growing friendship between Shia Iran and its Sunni-dominated neighbours.

Traditionally, the Gulf states are seen as being on the side of the USA.

Martin Walker reminds us that "There are... long-standing border disputes over islands (and this means over oil and gas rights) in the Gulf. And Iran's revolutionary regime has long scorned the pro-Western sheiks as pampered heirs of outdated feudalism, their regimes ripe for revolution." Iran's new Gulf friends

But, things seem to be changing.

1. The dollar is falling and this worries the Arabs.

2. The USA has created havoc in Iraq and this worries the Arabs.

3. Palestine continues to suffer.

4. There are even those who fear that the eventual aim of the USA and Israel is to break up Saudi Arabia and other Moslem states.

During 2007, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states and Egypt seem to have decided to become much more friendly with Iran.

1. In early 2007, "the parliament of Bahrain, an island state that hosts America's Fifth Fleet, passed a non-binding motion banning the use of its territory for any attack on Iran." - Friendlier hands across the Gulf

2. "Gulf states are willing to set up a body to provide enriched uranium to Iran, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister is reported to have said." - BBC NEWS World Middle East Gulf states 'offer Iran uranium'

3. "Bahrain itself recently signed a deal to import Iranian natural gas." - Friendlier hands across the Gulf

4. "Dubai has become a vital lifeline for its vast neighbour (Iran). As many as 400,000 Iranian expatriates now live in the UAE, with nearly 9,000 part-Iranian-owned firms registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Iran is the main destination for exports from Dubai." - Friendlier hands across the Gulf

5. "Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has told Gulf Arab leaders that Iran wants economic and security pacts with the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC). Mr Ahmadinejad was speaking in Qatar, where he is attending a GCC summit - the first Iranian president to do so." - BBC NEWS World Middle East Iran proposes Gulf security pact

6. "Egypt... has sent a high-level delegation to Tehran for the first time since that country's Islamic revolution in 1979." - Egypt and Saudi Arabia make new overtures to Iran

7. "Saudi Arabia ... invited Mr. Ahmedinejad to participate in the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, a first for an Iranian leader since the 1979 revolution." - Egypt and Saudi Arabia make new overtures to Iran

Some people believe that elements of the US government approve of closer ties between the Arabs and Iran.

According to Emad Gad, an expert on regional politics at the Al Ahram Center, a government-linked think tank in Cairo: "Qatar could not have invited Ahmedinejad to the GCC without an understanding with the Americans. I don't think Egypt would be sending a diplomat without some sort of green light either. All of this is part of a strategy, and I think it's an American strategy as well, to keep the freeze on the nuclear program while creating a friendlier climate." - Egypt and Saudi Arabia make new overtures to Iran

This is possible.

But, it is also possible that, secretly, many Arab leaders have given up on the Americans.


The Zionists are in bed with the Nazis

There are Nazi Jews and there are liberal Jews.

Zionist Menachem Begin became chief of the Zionist youth movement Betar in Poland.

Reportedly, Begin and his Betar members wore brown shirts and used the fascist salute. (Cached )

Menachem Begin

Hitler came to power in 1933 and he had the support of Zionist Jews.

It has been argued that Hitler may have been Jewish. (Hitler was Jewish? )

In 1933, the Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazi Party.

The World Zionist Organization Congress in 1933 defeated a resolution calling for action against Hitler by a vote of 240 to 43.

The World Zionist Organization 'became the principal distributor of Nazi goods throughout the Middle East and Northern Europe'. (Cached)

Both Hitler and the Zionists believed:

1. There should be a homeland for the Jews

2. Might was right.

Many German Jews disagreed with the Nazis and the Zionists. Many German Jews were liberals and they wanted to stay in Germany.


Heydrich, a leading Nazi, supported the idea of a homeland for the Jews.

Heydrich may have been Jewish (Reinhard Heydrich who masterminded the Holocaust ).

In May 1935, Reinhardt Heydrich wrote an article, 'The Visible Enemy', for Das Schwarze Korps, the SS official organ.

He wrote:

"The time cannot be far distant when Palestine will again be able to accept its sons who have been lost to it for over a thousand years. Our good wishes together with our official good will go with them."

(Karl Schleunes, The Twisted Road to Auschwitz, pp. 193-4 - A NAZI TRAVELS T0 PALESTINE AND TELLS ABOUT IT IN THE ASSAULT ...)

In 1934, SS officer Leopold von Mildenstein and Zionist Federation official Kurt Tuchler toured Palestine.

(Jacob Boas, "A Nazi Travels to Palestine," History Today, London, January 1980, pp. 33-38.)

Von Mildenstein wrote a series of articles for the Berlin daily Der Angriff that were printed in 1934 under the heading "A Nazi Travels to Palestine."

The articles praised the pioneering spirit and achievements of the Jews who had left Europe and settled in Palestine.

Der Angriff issued a medal, with a Swastika on one side and a Star of David on the other, to commemorate the joint SS-Zionist visit.

The official SS newspaper, Das Schwarze Korps, proclaimed its support for Zionism in a May 1935 front-page editorial:

"The time may not be too far off when Palestine will again be able to receive its sons who have been lost to it for more than a thousand years. Our good wishes, together with official goodwill, go with them."

Four months later, a similar article appeared in the SS paper.

(The Order of the Death's Head, Ballantine, 1971, 1984, p. 377. Erich Kern, ed., Verheimlichte Dokumente, Munich: FZ-Verlag, 1988, p. 184. Das Schwarze Korps, Sept. 26, 1935. Quoted in: F. Nicosia, The Third Reich and the Palestine Question,1985, pp. 56-57. Zionism and the Third Reich)


In his book The Order of the SS (1981), Professor Frederic Reider explains how the Nazi Third Reich and Zionist Haganah worked together to encourage Jews to move to Palestine. (National Medical Association).

"At the time when Eichmann took over the Sub-department IV B4 in the R.S.H.A., which had been established to settle the Jewish question, he (Eichmann) was not himself anti-Semitic.

"His functions led him to collaborate closely with the World Zionist Organisation and to make contact with the leaders of the secret Zionist organisation, Haganah.

"He even went himself to Palestine in 1937, in the company of Oberscharfuhrer S.S. Sergeant Hagen, the successor to Leopold von Midenstein, to examine the problem....

"By the end of 1939, 150,000 Austrian Jews had left, by choice, to go to live in Palestine, as had also 120,000 German Jews and 78,000 from Bohemia/Moravia. This emigration had been organised by the S.D., with Haganah’s approval, and was carried out clandestinely by boat, despite the draconian measures taken by Britain to stop it..."

Eichman also had the Madagascar Plan, whereby a national Jewish homeland would be set up in Madagascar.

Himmler and Heydrich approved, and on 18th June 1940 Hitler himself told Mussolini 'an Israeli state might be set up in Madagascar'. The project came to nothing. (National Medical Association)

Jewish historian David Cesarani, in Eichmann: His Life and Crimes, states that as a child Eichmann was persecuted because he looked Jewish.

Eichmann's stepmother had Jewish relations and Eichman associated with Jews. Eichmann learned Hebrew, visited Palestine and worked closely with Zionists preparing Jews for emigration. (eichmann was jewish hurricane katrina was a regional)


Himmler's SS cooperated with the Haganah, the Zionist underground military organization in British -run Palestine.

Reportedly, Himmler's grandfather was Jewish. (Himmler relative marries Israeli - Israel News, Ynetnews / eichmann was jewish hurricane katrina was a regional )

The German SS secretly supplied weapons to Jewish settlers for use in clashes with Palestinian Arabs. (F. Nicosia, Third Reich (1985), pp. 63-64, 105, 219-220.)


Thursday, March 06, 2008

The bin Laden links to the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey)

Jersey is one of the Channel islands.

According to Inter Press Service (5 April 2007)

BCCI was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which the CIA used "to run guns to Hussein, finance Osama bin Laden, move money in the illegal Iran-Contra operation and carry out other 'agency' black ops." Khalid bin Mahfouz was on the board of BCCI.

In 1992, Khalid bin Mahfouz established the Muwafaq ('Blessed Relief') Foundation in the Channel Islands.

The U.S. Treasury Department called it “an al Qaeda front that receives funding from wealthy Saudi businessmen.”

Reportedly, millions of dollars were transferred to Osama bin Laden through Blessed Relief.

An audit of the Defendant National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia in the mid-1990s, which was then run by Khalid bin Salim bin Mahfouz, "reveals the transfer of $3 million for Osama bin Laden that traveled from the accounts of wealthy Saudi businessmen to Blessed Relief." (Yassin Al-Kadi - 9/11 Encyclopedia)

The bin Laden family and the Bush family have had investments in the Carlyle Group. (

Carlyle holds its stake in defence firm QinetiQ through various special-purpose vehicles registered in the Channel Islands. (,3604,1579753,00.htm)