Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wahabi-CIA pact

The CIA does not want strong, independent, democratic Moslem states.

Richard Labeviere, prize-winning Swiss journalist, has explained the relationship between the extremist Wahabi movement, which controls Saudi Arabia, and the Central Intelligence Agency. 02.12.dweiner.arab

The Wahabi movement, which dates back to the 1700s, took over Saudi Arabia in 1900.

The CIA-Wahabi friendship began with the Quincy pact, signed on board the USS Quincy in 1945. According to the Quincy Pact, the United States protected Saudi Arabia in return for oil.

The CIA found the Wahabi movement a useful tool to undermine nationalism in Moslem states.

The Wahabi movement helped the Muslim Brotherhood ( who were linked to MI6 and the CIA) to undermine Nasser in Egypt.

The CIA-Wahabis also set up:

1. extremist groups in Pakistan,
2. the Taliban,
3. extremist groups in Pakistan, Algeria, Yemen, Indonesia, the Philippines, and elsewhere,
4. mafia-style financial centres in Malaysia, Madagascar, South Africa, Nigeria, Latin American, Switzerland, England, Turkestan, and elsewhere.
5. the groups who crushed nationalism in Iran.