Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saudi Arabia - you are next? - alleged links to London bombs


Saudi Arabia - you are next?


The Telegraph (London) is allegedly used to spread the propaganda of the security services.

From the Sunday telegraph, 31 July 2005:

"Scotland Yard is investigating evidence that the two waves of terrorist attacks on London this month may have been masterminded from Saudi Arabia.The Metropolitan Police anti-terrorist squad has learnt that Hussain Osman, 27, one of the suspects for the second failed attacks, called a number in Saudi Arabia hours before his arrest in Rome on Friday

"...In an unconfirmed development, the Saudi Arabian authorities are understood to be investigating the possibility that the attacks were planned by extremists there...

"Security sources in Italy said he made four calls on Friday: three local calls apparently to relatives and, the most interesting one, to a mobile phone in Saudi Arabia.Scotland Yard is trying to discover who took that call. Saudi Arabia, which has good relations with the West, has been embarrassed by its links to international terrorism. Not only is it bin Laden's home country but 15 of the September 11 terrorists were from the kingdom."



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