Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The assassination of King Faisal - complicity of some Saudi royals with Mossad?


1964 Faisal became king and began a modernization program.

The 1973 Arab-Israeli War ( Yom Kippur) was between Israel and a coalition of Egypt and Syria.

1973 Saudi Arabia and Aramco began negotiations leading to Saudi control of the company.

1973 Saudi Arabia led an oil boycott by OPEC states in response to Western support of Israel. Oil prices quadrupled.

1975 King Faisal was assassinated.

Faisal was protected by an elite guard trained by a private econtractor selected by the United States Department of Defense.


King Faisal bin Abdelaziz Al Saud was King of Saudi Arabia from 1964 to 1975.

After the setting up of Israel, Faisal wanted to break relations with the United States, but he was overruled.

Faisal became king in 1964.

Faisal began reforms:

1. He introduced girl's schools
2. He introduced television

In 1973, after the Yom Kippur war, Faisal began to increase the military power of Saudi Arabia.

In October 1973, Faisal withdrew Saudi oil from world markets, quadrupling the price of oil. The 1973 energy crisis greatly worried the USA and its allies.

The Shah of Iran said of the West: "It's only fair that, from now on, you should pay more for oil. Let's say 10 times more." The Shah was toppled, possibly by the CIA, in 1979.

In 1975, Faisal was shot and killed by his nephew, Faisal bin Musad.

It has been speculated that he wanted to avenge his elder brother Khalid, who died in a clash with security forces in 1965.



John Kaminski: "The purpose of the complicity of some Saudi royals with the Mossad and CIA is to forestall a revolution which is about to overcome them...

"Yet not all Saudi royals are in on the plot, as Crown Prince Abdullah and Saudi foreign minister Saudi al Faisal have often insisted that Zionist provocateurs are behind the terror on Saudi soil."


Saudi al Faisal: "It is no secret that extremist Zionist elements which are spread throughout the world are keenly involved in a vicious campaign against the Kingdom. What the awful terrorist group is doing in a desperate attempt to destabilize security and national unity feeds into the interests of these extremist Zionist elements."



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