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The plan always was: Iraq to be divided up, just like Yugoslavia. Saudi Arabia may be next.

Michel Collon, at , suggests that the US plan for Iraq was to divide it up into three mini-states 'and then pit them against one another'.

Collon suggests this was also the plan for Yugoslavia and may be the plan for Saudi Arabia at some point in the future.

The New York Times, 25 November 2003, refers to the plan for Iraq by Leslie Gelb of the Council of Foreign Affairs.

The objective for the USA according to Gelb:

"To put most of its money and troops where they would do the most good quickly - with the Kurds and Shiites. The United States could extricate most of its forces from the so-called Sunni Triangle, north and west of Baghdad.... American officials could then wait for the troublesome and domineering Sunnis, without oil or oil revenues, to moderate their ambitions or suffer the consequences."

In 1982, Oded Yinon, an official from the Israeli Foreign Affairs office, wrote:

"To dissolve Iraq is even more important for us than dissolving Syria. In the short term, it's Iraqi power that constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. The Iran-Iraq war tore Iraq apart and provoked its downfall. All manner of inter-Arab conflict help us and accelerate our goal of breaking up Iraq into small, diverse pieces."

In the case of Yugoslavia, according to Michel Collon:

"Berlin, and then Washington, discreetly financed and armed racist extremists, who were nostalgic for World War II.

"This made civil war almost inevitable because the IMF and the World Bank had plunged Yugoslavia into bankrupt to make it submit to triumphant neo-liberalism after the fall of the Berlin Wall...

"All of the peoples of the former Yugoslavia have been plunged into misery and unemployment, which is worse now than it has ever been.

"Meanwhile, multinational corporations have taken the upper hand in controlling the country's wealth...

"For Gelb, the civil war in Yugoslavia was a great success for the U.S. because it permitted the breakup of a country that resisted multinationals...

"Divide in order to conquer. As always.

"The Britons carefully organized the division of Ireland, India and Pakistan as well as other places in the world.

"The influential U.S. strategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, wants to divide Russia into three countries in order to isolate Moscow from oil reserves.

"The CIA also has its "own plans" to divide Saudi Arabia..."


Saturday, August 20, 2005


18 August 2005: "Saudi security forces have killed a man in Medina they said was the leader of al Qaeda on the Arab Peninsula, an interior ministry official told CNN."

"Riyadh suggested Oufi died last year (2004) in a similar shootout."

It was reported in June 2004 that al-Oufi, a former Saudi police officer, had taken over as leader of Al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula after the previous three incumbents had reportedly died.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Recently Voxfux,, suggested that the Saudi Royals are soon to be sacrificed.

Voxfux wrote:

"The Saudi royals have outlived their usefulness... Our 'friends' in Saudi Arabia are about to get the US 'Knife in the back'...

"The lie that will be told to the American sheep to get them “Baaaing” and corralled into a pen of fear will be the classic textbook methodology of mass American population mind control - The Child.

"The first hints of the waves to come appeared several months back - Unsubstantiated rumors of child sex slaves in Saudi Arabia started popping up all over the Internet. Mainstream media started broadcasting many pieces on the Saudi Royals, nearly all negative. With awareness building, the American people were ready for the next level - Child Abduction...

"These same child abduction cases existed all the while our former President George Bush (the father) used his position as ex-president to cash in big time with the Saudis. Where was the child issue then?

"Bad luck for any American parent who had a child abducted by a Saudi and approached the US government for help during this period...

"There have for many years been stories circulating regarding a certain Saudi propensity towards collecting specimens of children for use as child sex slaves in elaborate child brothels within the walls of the many royal palaces - Child sex slaves selected from all the corners of the earth to serve the desires of the royals and a selected few VIP, dignitaries, heads of state and former Presidents..."


The Scotsman, 25 Apr 2003, reported that two British men had been arrested in Paris on suspicion of running a multi-million-dollar call girl ring that allegedly supplied prostitutes to princes, film stars and captains of industry.

According to the Scotsman, the two men are also being investigated over allegations of supplying prostitutes to a member of the Saudi Royal family who allegedly paid nearly 2 million for three months of loyal service.


Al-Fassi, a brother-in-law of Prince Turki, lived in Los Angeles.

During his time in Los Angeles, al-Fassi earned the enmity of his Beverly Hills neighbours after he painted his mansion vivid green, littered the garden with plastic flowers and hired an artist to paint pubic hair on a collection of lewd naked statues in the grounds.


The following allegations come from the site which may, or may not, contain disinformation.

"King Fahd's sons' control their child sex ring from their Beverly Hills palaces. They learned from the Al-Fassi palace sex scandals in Beverly Hills during the 1980's to rent motels away from their palaces to conduct orgies with children procured for them. Around these motels they have a cordon of US security guards. An inner cordon is made up of the princes body guards, usually foreign. The younger the child the more desirable. These children are brought up through the sex ring channel to the point of purchase under the modeling or acting ruses of going to a shoot or set in Saudi Arabia. Upon purchase, children are then taken by limousine directly to the Saudi prince's plane at Los Angeles airport."


The London Times reported: "The Philippines government, responding to dozens of tragic cases of maltreatment, has warned young women going to work as maids in Saudi Arabia that they will be sexually harassed by Saudi men and slapped about by their Saudi mistresses...

"You have to ward off advances by your master, his brother, son and other male members of the household...

"the Philippines labour ministry has also told young male workers heading to Saudi Arabia that they must expect to be at risk of rape."

"A State Department reliable source has old us that the State Department exported a procedure by which child sex slaves could be used to blackmail foreign diplomats...

"The State Department allows all Saud family princelings free passage under the 'special relationship' rubric in and out of the US. This facilitates, among other amenities, abduction of US children. US child sex slaves are used by the Saud family to entertain foreign diplomats, including Washington dignitaries.

"There is said to be a library in Riyadh containing pictures of world elite in compromising positions with male and female child sex slaves.

"The Washington Post reports: 'The boys are believed to have been 15 to 17 years old. As shocking as this may be, some say it’s routine. A former Bush economic adviser observes, ‘The Sex? That’s done all the time. If a foreign diplomat wants a companion, the State Department provides it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman. They have a special fund set up for that.'

"Another former NSC (National Security Council) official who requested anonymity says other countries also do it. 'I was offered every sexual favor you can imagine. I turned it down all the time. After a while they left me alone and stopped offering me.’ ”

NewsMax reports: “The kingdom's (Saudi Arabia) Internet Services Unit blocked access to on June 16, but after protest faxes and e-mails … the site was unblocked as of July 1.

"Among the … (several thousand) Saudi princes, at least a couple of thousand, some of them in key positions, are notoriously gay. …

"The Saudis still practice the draconian medieval practice of beheading gays in public, as they do adulterers. The kingdom has the dubious distinction of condemning more homosexuals to death than any other country in the world. …

"However, this may be the fate of only those who are highly indiscreet or do not have any connections in the patriarchal Saudi system, where clan background is still a yardstick for determining social status."

The Guardian reported: “The former home office minister Barbara Roche today called on the Saudi government to waive immunity for a Saudi diplomat alleged to have indecently assaulted a young girl. The Saudi man, a 41-year-old, was last week arrested after being accused of attacking an 11-year-old girl. He was taken to a west London police station, but was released after claiming diplomatic immunity."


According to a report in asiansexgazette:

A Moroccan newspaper, Al-Alam, revealed how women are being sent to Saudi Arabia under the cover of Al Umra, a religious ritual that is fulfilled by visiting Mecca at certain times of the year.

Once the women arrive in Saudi Arabia, they find that they are in the control of a prostitution ring.

Rich Saudis reportedly travel to Bombay, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and Syria to find young girls and boys.

Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported that the Saudi Human Rights Centre in Jeddah was the source of the story about the prostitution ring operating under the cover of the Al Umra pilgrimage.

A Moroccan woman told Al-Quds that women were held in a brothel in Jeddah after they were granted a one-month visa to enter Saudi Arabia for the duration of the Umra. Al-Quds reported that a Moroccan journalist infiltrated a villa in Rabat, Morocco and was able to get closer to “the world of the Saudis”. In May 2002, she reported revealing the abuse that some Moroccan teenagers underwent at the hands of the smugglers and the sex trade in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi Arabia religious police 'beat unmarried men and woman if they are found walking together in public.' In March 2002, they stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress. A number of girls died.

John R Bradley in Jeddah, writing in The Independent, 20 February 2004:

"In the glass and marble shopping malls of this cosmopolitan and comparatively laid-back city on the Red Sea, young Saudi Arabian men are taking advantage of the emergence of an increasingly tolerated Western-oriented gay scene.

"Certain malls are known as cruising areas, and there are even gay-friendly coffee shops. A big gay disco takes place at a private villa in the north of the city once a week....

Bradley writes: "the executioner's sword awaits anyone convicted of the crime of sodomy" but, "in practice homosexuality is tolerated...

"The Interior Ministry statement reported in January 2002 that three men in the southern city of Abha had been 'beheaded for homosexuality'...

"A Riyadh-based Western diplomat, aware of the details of the case, confirmed the men were beheaded for 'rape'.

"'The three men seduced a number of very young boys and videoed themselves raping them. Then they used the recordings, and the fear the boys had of being exposed, to get the youngsters to recruit their friends,' he said.

"While homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia, doubt surrounds specific punishment for it. Some gay foreigners were deported in the 1990s, 'but no Saudi has ever been prosecuted for being a homosexual'. The concept just doesn't exist here," the Western diplomat said...

"Ibrahim bin Abdullah bin Ghaith, the head of the religious police ... denied media reports that gay and lesbian relationships were the norm in the strictly segregated schools and colleges, that homosexuality 'is spreading'.

"In an unprecedented two-page special investigation, the daily newspaper Okaz said lesbianism was "endemic" among schoolgirls. It justified the article with a saying of the Prophet's wife Ayeshathat "there should be no shyness in religion". The article told of lesbian sex in school lavatories, girls stigmatised after refusing the advances of their fellow students, and teachers complaining that none of the girls were willing to change their behaviour.

"'A particularly beautiful boy always gets top marks in the exams because he's some teacher's favourite,' said Mohammed, an English teacher in a government high school in Riyadh. 'On the other hand, I know many older boys who deliberately flunked their final exams so they can stay ... with their younger sweethearts.'

"Ahmed, 19, a student at a private college in Jeddah, said there was no shame in having a boyfriend in his private high school. Although he firmly rejected the label "gay", he admitted that he now has a special friend in college, too. "It's those who don't have a boy who are ashamed to admit it. We introduce our boy to our friends as 'al walid hagi' ,the boy who belongs to me.

"'At the beginning of term, we always check out the new boys to see which are the most 'helu' (sweet) and think of ways to get to know them."'


The assassination of King Faisal - complicity of some Saudi royals with Mossad?


1964 Faisal became king and began a modernization program.

The 1973 Arab-Israeli War ( Yom Kippur) was between Israel and a coalition of Egypt and Syria.

1973 Saudi Arabia and Aramco began negotiations leading to Saudi control of the company.

1973 Saudi Arabia led an oil boycott by OPEC states in response to Western support of Israel. Oil prices quadrupled.

1975 King Faisal was assassinated.

Faisal was protected by an elite guard trained by a private econtractor selected by the United States Department of Defense.

King Faisal bin Abdelaziz Al Saud was King of Saudi Arabia from 1964 to 1975.

After the setting up of Israel, Faisal wanted to break relations with the United States, but he was overruled.

Faisal became king in 1964.

Faisal began reforms:

1. He introduced girl's schools
2. He introduced television

In 1973, after the Yom Kippur war, Faisal began to increase the military power of Saudi Arabia.

In October 1973, Faisal withdrew Saudi oil from world markets, quadrupling the price of oil. The 1973 energy crisis greatly worried the USA and its allies.

The Shah of Iran said of the West: "It's only fair that, from now on, you should pay more for oil. Let's say 10 times more." The Shah was toppled, possibly by the CIA, in 1979.

In 1975, Faisal was shot and killed by his nephew, Faisal bin Musad.

It has been speculated that he wanted to avenge his elder brother Khalid, who died in a clash with security forces in 1965.


John Kaminski: "The purpose of the complicity of some Saudi royals with the Mossad and CIA is to forestall a revolution which is about to overcome them...

"Yet not all Saudi royals are in on the plot, as Crown Prince Abdullah and Saudi foreign minister Saudi al Faisal have often insisted that Zionist provocateurs are behind the terror on Saudi soil."

Saudi al Faisal: "It is no secret that extremist Zionist elements which are spread throughout the world are keenly involved in a vicious campaign against the Kingdom. What the awful terrorist group is doing in a desperate attempt to destabilize security and national unity feeds into the interests of these extremist Zionist elements."


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Future rulers,6903,1543921,00.html

Whom would the west prefer as the next ruler of Saudi Arabia?

Oliver Morgan, in the Observer 7 August 2005, looks at who might eventually take over from Abdullah.

Mohammed Ali Zainy, analyst at the Centre for Global Energy Studies in London, says of Abdullah:

'At the time he was Crown Prince, he was for more participatory politics and was in favour of rights for women.'

Maewi al-Rasheed, professor of social anthropology at King's College, London, says: 'Abdullah has been constructed in this liberal image in the west, but the al-Saud ruling family is pragmatic. It will say anything to retain its grip on power. Remember, the senior princes [Sultan, Salman, Naif] all have ministries that they control, with huge budgets, patronage and power bases. They are effectively kings too.' And they are rivals.

There are reports that Abdullah's health is poor.

Abdullah has choses as his successor Sultan, his half brother.

There are reports that Sultan has stomach cancer.

Naif is the tough and 'sinister' interior minister and head of the security service, which has cracked down on militants.

According to Morgan in the Observer, the US is not keen on Naif taking over. He is seen as too repressive.

Abdul Aziz al Saud set up a 'horizontal' system of succession, where the best-suited of his children and grandchildren succeed one another. This has meant very elderly rulers.

Morgan writes: 'Successors to Abdullah among his half-brothers are most likely to be sons of Abdul Aziz's favourite wife Sudairy.'

Abdullah's most prominent son, Mitab Abdelaziz al-Saud, is deputy head of the Saudi National Guard and minister for local government and rural affairs.

The sons of King Faisal (who ruled from 1964 until assassinated by his nephew in 1975) were educated in the west and have had full administrative and diplomatic careers.

One analyst says of Saud al Faisal 'he is very well thought of, he has proved himself an able official and foreign minister.' However, another says: 'Saud is out on health grounds.'

His brother Turki has served in diplomatic posts in Europe and the US and is to move to Washington as ambassador.

He is said not to have 'domestic clout'.

Khalid, son of Sultan has a powerful, and living, father.

Khalid led the joint Arab forces in the Gulf. An analyst says: 'He speaks perfect English and set up Al-hayat, the influential newspaper. But he has not proved himself yet as a minister.'

King Fahd, who died in July 2005, has sons: Mohammed and Abdelaziz.

Mohammed was Jonathan Aitken's business partner and speaks perfect English.

Naif's son is Mohammed.

Salman is governor of Riyadh. He has had trouble controlling the Mutaween religious police, 'but he is known and liked'. He had the most prominent role at the funeral last week.'

Salman's son is Sultan bin Salman. Sultan bin Salman flew on the space shuttle Discovery'.


Saudi royal family tree

Saudi Arabia's founder Abdul-Aziz bin Saud fathered dozens of children from multiple wives.

Abdullah, 81, is the half brother of his predecessor, the late King Fahd.

Fahd was one of the seven full brothers born to Abdul-Aziz's wife, Hussa bint Ahmad Sudairi.

The brothers have held key positions - Interior Minister Prince Nayef, in charge of security forces; Prince Salman, the governor of Riyadh; and Prince Sultan, the defense minister, whom Abdullah has named as the new crown prince.

Abdullah is the sole son of another wife of Abdul-Aziz, Fahda bint Asi bin Shurayim Shammar.

He was chosen by Fahd as crown prince despite a challenge by Sultan.

There is likely to be competition between the Sudeiri Seven and Abdullah to place their allies in prominent positions.

Abdullah may find allies among other half brothers.


Matthew Simmons believes Saudi Arabia's oil reserves have been greatly overestimated.


Threat closes U.S. missions in Saudi Arabia - An Israeli link?

From WRH:

Here's the situation. Israel wants to control the US in order to send the US military out to kill Israel's enemies. But Saudi Arabia pours billions of dollars INTO the US economy every year while Israel takes billions OUT.

The influence that Saudi Arabia's billions buys within the US is a threat to Israel's control, and as AIPAC, ADL, and other pro-Israel organizations continue to be exposed as spy operations, the US Congress is starting to move away from overt support of Israel.

Right now, anything that sabotages US/Saudi relations is a benefit to Israel, and as the Lavon Affair proved, Israel will not hesitate to use false-flag terror attacks to carry out such sabotage.

Sunday, August 7, 2005

U.S. diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia will be closed on 8 and 9 August because of a threat against U.S. buildings, the U.S. Embassy said August 7.

It said the embassy in Riyadh and the consulate in the Red Sea city of Jeddah would be closed August 8 and 9 "in response to a threat against U.S. government buildings in the kingdom."

U.S. diplomatic missions in the kingdom have been closed briefly several times in recent years because of threats of violence against them.

In 2003 suicide bombers hit several compounds housing foreigners, and last year gunmen made a series of attacks on Westerners, including a daylight raid on the U.S. consulate in Jeddah.


Saudis to bring home $360 billion

From UPI:

Saudis to retrieve $360 billion abroad.

August 7 2005: Saudi Arabia has announced it is aiming to bring back to the kingdom a total of $360 billion invested abroad in the last 18 months.

Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told reporters the government was working on returning these "national assets" back to the oil-rich Arab country and to attract foreign investments in Saudi Arabia.

From WRH:

According to THIS DOCUMENT, 60% of Saudi investment is in the US. If they pull the money across the board, then the portion slated to be pulled out of the US is $216 billion.
I note that the Saudi Government announced this right after the US delegation left. I wonder what the US delegation said that pissed the King off.


Sunday, August 07, 2005

Prince Turki and bin Laden


The Saudi ambassador to the US is to be Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former head of Saudi Arabian intelligence, and the current ambassador to Britain.


Reportedly, Prince Turki al Faisal has had close links to the CIA, Bin Laden and Bank BCCI.

In Drugs, Oil and War, Peter Dale Scott wrote:

"BCCI's inside connection to the CIA appears to have been strengthened in 1976, when under CIA Director George Bush 'the CIA strengthened its relationships with so-called friendly Arab intelligence agencies. One of the most important of these was Saudi Arabia's intelligence service, the Istakhbarat, run by Kamal Adham, Prince Turki al-Faisal, Abdul-Raouf Khalil, all of whom were BCCI insiders."

Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) financed numerous militant organizations and laundered money generated by illicit drug trafficking and other illegal activities, including arms trafficking.

Bin Laden and many other 'militants' had accounts there. [Detroit News, 9/30/01]

Reportedly, the Bin Ladens had friends similar to those of Prince Turki?

Quoting a French intelligence report posted by PBS Frontline, The New Yorker reports, “During the nineteen-eighties, when the Reagan administration secretly arranged for an estimated $34 million to be funneled through Saudi Arabia to the Contras in Nicaragua, Osama's eldest brother, Salem bin Laden aided in this cause.” [New Yorker, 11/5/01; PBS Frontline, 2001 (B)]

According to Larry Chin, Online Journal Associate Editor:

"Prince Turki has been intimately involved with the CIA, Pakistan's ISI (a virtual branch of the CIA), and the creation and guiding of Islamic 'terrorism', and all aspects of the geostrategy leading up to, and out of, September 11, and pipeline politics."

Bin Laden is reported to have arrived at the American Hospital in Dubai on July 4, 2001.

Bin Laden, with a $5 million bounty on his head, reportedly received lifesaving treatment for kidney failure from American specialist Dr. Terry Callaway.

He was possibly accompanied by Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri.Callaway reportedly treated bin Laden in 1996 and 1998, also in Dubai. Callaway later refused to answer any questions on this matter.

Le Figaro, 10/31/01; Agence France-Presse, 11/1/01; Times of London, 11/01/01

During his stay, bin Laden was reportedly visited by Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence. Guardian, 11/1/01

On July 12, bin Laden reportedly met CIA station chief Larry Mitchell in the hospital. Le Figaro and Radio France International, stood by their reporting. Le Figaro, 10/31/01; Radio France International, 11/1/01

UPI, 11/1/01; Reuters, 11/10/01

The Guardian claimed that the leak came from from French intelligence, “which is keen to reveal the ambiguous role of the CIA, and to restrain Washington from extending the war to Iraq and elsewhere.”

According to Larry Chin:

"Prince Turki was Osama bin Laden's friend and liaison for more than two decades.

"The rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan was directed by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan's ISI, the CIA and oil interests (Unocal), and its fall (and 9/11) was directed by the same, and only after the Taliban regime refused to cooperate with larger interests."

"...Prince Turki al-Faisal 'knows where the bodies are hidden' (literally and figuratively). His ascension to an even more influential post is symptomatic of the global hardening of criminal power taking place across the New World Order..."


Prince Nayef and Prince Salman,,2089-1724285,00.html

Jon Swain, in the Sunday Times August 07, 2005:

"After Abdullah and Sultan, the next direct descendant of Abdul Aziz is Prince Nayef, the interior minister. But he is a hardline conservative who is unpopular and lacks the common touch.

"The idea of the throne passing to him is anathema to reformers, and a lack of agreement within the court must explain why Abdullah has failed to name him the crown prince-designate as he should according to custom.

"Western diplomats do not believe Abdullah intends to fill the post. Nayef is close to the conservative religious establishment who favour quasi-religious rule. He turned down the idea of women voting in recent elections, says there is no cause to discuss any need for women to drive and initially said that the September 11 terrorist attacks on America in 2001 were a Zionist conspiracy.

"The betting is that Nayef will be skipped over in favour of Prince Salman. In his late sixties, Salman wields enormous power as the governor of Riyadh. He is highly sophisticated and talks of reform, but also assiduously cultivates the religious establishment.

"It would then be up to Salman to decide whether the next generation of western-educated princes should succeed. 'That is when it gets interesting,' said a western diplomat. 'There is no obvious logic or justification for deciding who is next.'

"Salman has three credible sons, one an astronaut, the first Arab in space. A family feud seems inevitable. Prince Talal, a son of Abdul Aziz, called such a quarrel the 'biggest danger' to the royal family.

"A more immediate worry for Abdullah is how to reform and modernise without antagonising the religious establishment....

"The country is facing a demographic timebomb. With 70% of its population under 21, incomes falling and a soaring birth rate, Saudi society is like a runaway train heading for a crash. With the price of oil shooting to $60 a barrel, Abdullah now has the money to keep it running on the rails, provided he does not waste it.

"Over the years the monarchies of Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Yemen have all been swept away..."


Oil prices

Saudi minister Al-Naimi was quoted in aljazeera as saying that the ability of the kingdom and other Opec producers to control price rises had been weakened by the growing influence of big-money funds on prices and refinery bottlenecks in consuming nations.


MI6 linked to bombs in Saudi Arabia?

~ suggests that MI6 is linked in some way to the bombings in Saudi Arabia.


Enemies in the USA

Al Hayat had an article, 28 4 05, about Crown Prince Abdullah’s visit to Bush.

The writer points out that Saudi Arabia has powerful enemies in the U.S.

Simon Henderson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy concluded that Saudi Arabia may opt to improve its strategic relationship with France.

Thomas Lippman, former Middle East correspondent at the Washington Post, wrote "Saudi Ruler Summoned To Texas For A Pre-War Summit."


The partion of Saudi Arabia - George Galloway

George Galloway was interviewed by weekly ahram in 2003.

According to Galloway:

"Ministers, former ministers and senior figures in British politics have, over the last few months, brought up things which I know they have never heard before. They can hardly even pronounce them, words like Hijaz and Najd. Yet they say, 'you know there is nothing called Saudi Arabia really. It was never one country, it was conquered by Al-Saud.' It then became clear to me that this was all part of a discussion about partitioning Saudi Arabia.

"So I began to make enquiries with my sources at the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence and, as it turns out, there is a policy discussion.

"They ask why we have this problem with Saudi Arabia: 'We don't have any interest in the holy places, let them keep their holy places without any foreign soldiers. Our interests in Saudi Arabia are elsewhere in the country so why don't we have two Arabias, why don't we go back to the situation that existed before Saudi Arabia, why don't we go back to a Western looking Hijaz, why don't we free the oppressed Shi'a minority and let the Wahabbis keep their Mecca,' they say. These issues are being discussed now as we talk."


FromThe Wilderness



Fromthewilderness has suggested that after Iraq, Saudi Arabia may be invaded.

"Little noticed details of the recent bombings in Riyadh confirm it".

Saudi Arabia has 25 percent of all the world’s oil. Iraq has 11 percent.

Mo Mowlam - 'the real goal is the seizure of Saudi oil',2763,786332,00.html

"The real goal is the seizure of Saudi oil" wrote Mo Mowlam, former member of Tony Blair’s cabinet, in the Guardian, 5 September 2002.

Mowlam suggested that if there is chaos in Saudi Arabia, then US troops may go in."Under cover of the war on terrorism, the war to secure oil supplies could be waged."


Efraim Halevy on Saudi Arabia, Palestine and the USA

What is the next target for Bush and Blair, after Iraq?

Saudi Arabia - You are next?

May 27, 2004"There is more speculation about the possible collusion between al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia."

The Shalom Center 04/28/05 has an article about Saudi Arabia.

Sharon's National Security Advisor (and former Mossad chief), Efraim Halevy said:"In a visit to the United States two weeks ago, I was told by several well-informed observers that should one of the more severe scenarios come to pass, the United States will have no choice but to deepen its presence in the Middle East. To that end, it will have to renew the draft, to ensure that there are enough forces to deal with developing situations in countries like Saudi Arabia."

The 'scenario' being talked about is upheaval in Saudi Arabia.

According to Halevy, the Saudis are demanding US action on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "In the eyes of the Saudi prince, the rise in the level of tension, violence and enmity in our conflict had the effect of significantly strengthening the extremists in his country and throughout the Arab world..."

To preserve their regime, the Saudi princes need Israeli-Palestinian peace, which can only be achieved with US help.

Halevy thinks that someday the US may side with the Saudis on the issue of Israeli-Palestine peace.

Haaretz has an article on this: The Coming Pax Americana, Haaretz, April 24, 2005. ]


Fact file

Abdullah - Mark Hollingsworth

Saudi Arabia's King Fahd died on 1 August 2005. Fahd's half-brother, Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al- Saud, has been de facto regent of the kingdom since Fahd suffered a stroke in 1995.,3604,1540654,00.html

Mark Hollingsworth, in the Guardian 2 August 2005:

The new king

1. 'believes his country should be less subservient to western military and strategic interests in the Gulf.'

'is likely to be more non-aligned, reducing Saudi dependency on America.'

2. is determined to curb royal corruption.

Hollingsworth explains how Saudi Arabia has supported the USA:

1. 'What was crucial was Saudi support for US access to ... Gulf bases.'

2. Saudi Arabia 'bankrolling US foreign policy, notably $32m to the Contra rebels against the Nicaraguan government, $4bn for the mujahideen in Afghanistan in the 1980s and $17bn for the 1991 Gulf war.'

3. Saudi Arabia supplied cheap, plentiful oil and manipulated the price to benefit the American economy.

'The House of Saud has been prepared to forgo much-needed profits in tight oil markets, coming close to bankrupting the country.'

Hollingsworth points out that the USA and UK have sold weapons to Saudi Arabia 'at inflated prices purely to produce kickbacks for its senior princes.'

Abdullah is 'a traditional Islamic Arab nationalist.'

Prince Sultan, the defence minister, 'craves the patronage of western governments.'

While King Fahd remained alive, Abdullah 'was often blocked by his reactionary half-brothers, Prince Sultan, Prince Naif (the interior minister) and Prince Salman (governor of Riyadh).


London bombers allegedly got cash from Saudi Arabia


It has been alleged that the UK Sunday Telegraph has been used to spread the propaganda of the security services.

(Dominic Lawson)


Toby Harnden and Andrew Alderson, in the Sunday Telegraph 07/08/2005, wrote:

"Two senior al-Qaeda operatives in Saudi Arabia made money transfers and used coded text messages to communicate with suspected terrorists in Britain before last month's attacks in London, according to officials in the kingdom."

According to the Sunday Telegraph, the two men, Younis Mohammed Ibrahim al-Hayari, allegedly al-Qaeda's leader in Saudi Arabia, and Abdel Karim al-Mejati have since been shot dead. Al-Hayari was killed in Riyadh three weeks ago and al-Mejati died in April.

According to the Telegraph, 'Saudi security officials suspect both men of involvement in the attacks in London on July 7 and 21 and say that al-Qaeda is definitely operating in Britain.'

The Telegraph claims that Al-Mejati planned the train bombings in Madrid.

According to Prince Turki al-Faisal, the Saudi ambassador to London, Saudi Arabia warned Britain less than four months ago that an attack was imminent.

(Prince Turki, who reportedly met bin Laden in hospital.)

According to the Sunday telegraph, Scotland Yard is investigating who received the coded messages and money sent from Saudi Arabia to Britain.

The Sunday Telegraph claimed that Hussain Osman, the suspected failed Shepherd's Bush bomber, had called a mobile phone in Saudi Arabia shortly before his arrest.

According to Saudi security officials Osman was phoning his parents, of Ethiopian extraction, while travelling by Eurostar from London to Rome. They are believed to have been living in the Jeddah area, near the Red Sea, for several years.

The call was reportedly monitored by a British intelligence agency.


Saudi Arabia - you are next? - alleged links to London bombs


Saudi Arabia - you are next?


The Telegraph (London) is allegedly used to spread the propaganda of the security services.

From the Sunday telegraph, 31 July 2005:

"Scotland Yard is investigating evidence that the two waves of terrorist attacks on London this month may have been masterminded from Saudi Arabia.The Metropolitan Police anti-terrorist squad has learnt that Hussain Osman, 27, one of the suspects for the second failed attacks, called a number in Saudi Arabia hours before his arrest in Rome on Friday

"...In an unconfirmed development, the Saudi Arabian authorities are understood to be investigating the possibility that the attacks were planned by extremists there...

"Security sources in Italy said he made four calls on Friday: three local calls apparently to relatives and, the most interesting one, to a mobile phone in Saudi Arabia.Scotland Yard is trying to discover who took that call. Saudi Arabia, which has good relations with the West, has been embarrassed by its links to international terrorism. Not only is it bin Laden's home country but 15 of the September 11 terrorists were from the kingdom."